X1 GNSS/INS Receiver

Dual-Antenna RTK Positioning and Orientation GNSS+INS

It includes built-in GNSS high precision receiver and IMU inertial sensor, uses IMU information to assist RTK ambiguity resolution and baseband signal tracking, and optimizes our design for vehicle applications. It can effectively deal with satellite signal interference and blockage under harsh environment, and provide reliable stable continuous high precision position and attitude for intelligent connected vehicles, automated vehicle or self-driving cars.

X1 GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation System

X1 is a GNSS/INS integrated navigation system, using world's leading technology with superior performance, practical functions and features. It’s composed of board BY682 and six-axis ADIS16465 MEMS IMU, which combine GNSS and INS in a tight coupling way to achieve reliable high precision navigation and positioning.

GNSS and INS are two independent systems. GNSS positioning is characterized by high accuracy and long interval, while INS DR (Dead Reckoning) is characterized by low accuracy and short interval. X1 combines GNSS and INS in a tight coupling way, takes advantage of both sub-systems, compensates for their disadvantages, and makes up a reliable real-time high-precision positioning system.

X1 mainly aims at vehicle applications in urban areas, providing reliable stable high-precision positioning services for intelligent connected vehicles. It can provide continuous high-precision positioning services, even when satellite signals are missed under complex urban environment we live in.

Highly Integrated 3-Channel Multi-Mode Multi-Frequency GNSS RFIC

Track up to 72 satellites simultaneously and support BDS-3 signals.



X1 uses world's leading technology and combines GNSS with INS through tight coupling. It's a high performance GNSS/INS integrated navigation system, using advanced technologies such as high precision RTK, dual-antenna orientation, dynamic alignment, zero-speed correction, measurement match and non-holonomic motion constraint.

X1 can provide high-performance RTK services to users. It's based on our self-designed board BY682, provides high precision RTK services under good GNSS conditions. Combined with ADIS16465 MEMS IMU (Analog Device), It can provide real-time high-precision positioning services, even when satellite signals are missed under complex urban environment.

X1 is very practical and user-friendly, and mainly used in vehicle applications. It's particularly optimized for intelligent vehicles, which means it's small, lightweight, robust and durable, easy to install and operate. It's modeled and optimized according to real vehicle environment and technical requirements, thus suitable for most of vehicle applications.



X1 has superior performance and fully meets the needs of vehicle applications in urban areas. It uses world's leading technology and GNSS/INS tight coupling, provides high-precision high-reliable real-time navigation services, whose accuracy can reach up to 0.02m. Facing challenges of complex urban environment, X1 can continuously perform well, maintain reliable real-time positioning services. It achieves positioning accuracy of 0.03m, even when reception of satellite signal is lost for 60 seconds. Particularly optimized for vehicle models, it's aware of vehicle application requirements, and can be well integrated into intelligent vehicles. Professional tests prove that X1 can effectively deal with real complex urban environment and provide high-performance positioning services.

X1 has the advantage of low cost. It's based on our self-designed board BY682 combined with ADIS16465 MEMS IMU (Analog Device). It's performance is compensated by our self-developed chip and mature algorithms. This solution lowers the cost meanwhile achieves similar or even better performance compared with the same kind of products at home and abroad. This means X1 costs low while its performance is no less than any similar product in the market.

System Type System
Physical Properties Dimensions
Typical Power Consumption
Signal Frequency BDS
B1、B2 、B1C、B2a
Com Port Number Serial Port
CAN Port
Ethernet Port
Performance Losing-Lock Accuracy Maintaining
RTK Horizontal Accuracy
DGPS Horizontal Accuracy
Timing Accuracy
Orientation Accuracy
Velocity Measurement Accuracy
RTK + Orientation Solution Frequency
Raw Data Output
10s 0.3m
1.0cm + 1ppm RMS
0.5m + 1ppm RMS
20ns RMS
0.20°/m RMS
0.05m/s RMS
Supports 200Hz Default 100Hz
Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Roll Pitch Azimuth
0s RTK 0.01 0.02 0.030 0.040 0.040 0.040 0.120
PP 0.01 0.02 0.020 0.025 0.010 0.010 0.050
10s RTK 0.30 0.25 0.080 0.100 0.080 0.080 0.200
PP 0.01 0.02 0.020 0.030 0.010 0.010 0.050


Application Range

Application Range

X1 can provide reliable continuous centimeter-level real-time positioning services (including speed, attitude and other information), and can be used in driverless application, mapping and many other fields.

  • Driverless Application

    Driverless Application

  • Mapping


  • Unmanned Boat

    Unmanned Boat

  • UAV


  • Automated Vehicle

    Automated Vehicle

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Our company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system authentication, and acquired Beidou navigation civil service qualification and other certifications. Our products are aligned with automotive grade requirements in quality, and get along well with strong impact, random vibration and extreme temperature. We always persist in "Winning by Quality” along with technological innovation.

X1 GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation System

Product R&D

Lead-Free Process and Gold Plating PCB: Our entire processes are lead-free, and gold plating is applied to PCB surface.
Trial Test: Trial production and improvement is applied before batch production, thus optimizing product function, performance and quality.
Reliability Verification: Our products pass the temperature cycling tests and vibration tests under harsh environment.


Product Quality Control

Welding Defect Inspection (AOI + X-RAY): Ensure reliable quality of every solder joint.
High and Low Temperature Cyclic Aging: Use environmental stress screening, reject early failure products for the benefit of our customers.
High and Low Temperature Impact Test: Verify our products’ functional stability when ambient atmospheric temperature changes sharply.
Double Deviation Testing: Ensure each product’s quality aligned to the standard board with superior performance.


Modern Quality Management System

All-round Quality Management: All members of our company participate in quality management in accordance with the PDCA cycle.
8D Report: Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting through 8D report when a fault occurs.
Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Carry on customer satisfaction surveys, do our best to meet customer demands.

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