[Products] Focus on testing the full-frequency point recording and playback source of high-precision RTK receiver BY520

by bynav


GNSS high precision RTK receiver to test pain points


Because the competitiveness of high-precision RTK receivers lies in the complex environment adaptability, complex scenes such as ionospheric scintillation, urban canyon, electromagnetic interference, multipath interference, and constellation distribution weight of major navigation systems are difficult to reproduce accurately in real-world environments. Multi-system multi-frequency receivers such as RTK are often faced with the following problems:

1. RTK manufacturers need to conduct long-term, high-cost comprehensive testing in all parts of the country and even in the global environment, in order to stabilize

2. RTK manufacturers must modify the BUG or performance in a targeted manner, often requiring a large price or a long time to reproduce the relevant environment.

3. RTK receivers often support multi-system multi-frequency points (such as four-system ten-frequency points), the corresponding signal source is expensive, and it is difficult to traverse all real situations in pure simulation scenarios.



Bynav's solution


Bybyv provides BY520 series recording and playback source that supports GNSS full-system full-frequency point, which can complete scene recording in the corresponding environment, and then can accurately play back the scene in the laboratory. Thereby greatly improving the test efficiency and development efficiency of the RTK receiver.

In addition to the various harsh scenes recorded by the BY520 in the world, the receiver can be detailed and optimized.

1. BY520 supports full-system full-frequency points, including BDS, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, IRNSS, QZSS and other frequency points, as well as various satellite-based enhanced signals. Supports 8 frequency bands (B1, B2, B3, L1, L2, L5, GLONASS L1, L2, etc., total 248MHz bandwidth), and can be turned on or off separately to test the performance of RTK receivers at different frequency points.

2. BY520 ensures zero value consistency between navigation systems and between frequency points (especially different K values ​​of GLONASS). This is a unique requirement for the RTK receiver to solve the ambiguity. The ordinary acquisition and playback source cannot solve this problem.

3. BY520 supports RTCM and other data synchronization save and playback, can directly test RTK receiver performance

4. BY520 built-in multi-frequency RTK receiver for signal quality self-checking, which greatly enhances the convenience of signal source during recording and playback, and increases signal credibility. Compare the results with the built-in RTK receiver during the test.

5. Gradually provide global scene data under various complex conditions, and also support customized scenarios to complete the test in the lab.



BY520 series full frequency point recording and playback source other features

1. Pluggable hard disk port for easy exchange of scene files (single unit supports up to 16TB capacity)

2. Compact and portable, integrated design (with display control, no external computer or display required)

3. Support car power or battery power (low power consumption, <50W)

4. Support the output of parameters or results of the scene through the network, facilitating secondary development and customization (such as real-time output of built-in RTK results through the network, etc.)

5. Compared with common multi-frequency analog source, it has high cost performance

6. Gradually provide global scene data, also supports customized scenes

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