Mr. Shu Xinggang, member of the Standing Committee of Changsha Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, visited bynav to investigate the development of Beidou industry.

by bynav

▲bynav general manager Xiang Wei (left) greets the deputy mayor of Shu Xinggang (right)


Recently, the Changsha Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Shu Xinggang visited andnav to investigate the development of the Beidou industry.

The general manager of bynav has received the deputy mayor of Shu Xinggang and his delegation, and explained in detail the development history, development achievements and development plan of bynav.


▲ Vice Mayor Shu Xinggang listened to the explanation


After listening to the explanation, Vice Mayor Shu Xinggang appreciated the “high-precision positioning of urban canyons in mobile phones” that was developed by Bynav, and raised some questions about positioning accuracy and application of positioning technology.

After listening to the answer from the general manager of bynav, the deputy mayor of Shu Xinggang highly affirmed the research results obtained by bynav in the field of high-precision positioning, and hoped that bynav could make persistent efforts to make more and more research results for the Beidou industry in Changsha. The development has made a greater and more prominent contribution.

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