Bynav wish you all a happy New Year, all the best!

by bynav


"Yangwufeng harvest age, monkey 吟 锦 锦 spring", on the occasion of the Spring Festival, bynav all "entrepreneurship partners" to the support of our customers and people from all walks of life to express our sincere gratitude and sincere greetings.


Since its inception in 2013, bynav has been through two years of storms. 2015 is a year of steady development of the company, and it is also a year of growth for all departments and colleagues. In this year, we adhered to the market-oriented, customer-centric, strengthen product research and development efforts, improve product quality management, the company has won dozens of national invention patents, successfully obtained the national military standard quality management system certification, high-tech Enterprise certification and other qualifications.


In this year, we adhered to the "GNSS high-precision" market positioning, worked hard and worked hard, and under the efforts of all "entrepreneurial partners", broke through the multi-system high-precision satellite navigation signal receiving and information processing technology, miniaturized low power consumption. A series of key problems such as board design, completed the development and manufacture of high-precision core boards with completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, the board is the smallest domestic specification, and all technical indicators exceed the main domestic competitors, and shoulder to the international first-class level. . As another pillar of the company's satellite navigation signal source product line, another way to develop its own market positioning, products continue to improve and innovate, the future will become another highlight of the company!


All these achievements are inseparable from the hard work of all the “starting partners” of bynav. Every bynav “entrepreneurial partner” has made great efforts for bynav and pushed Beiyun’s product quality, quality and stability to the international leading position. Level! It can be said that in 2015, efficiency comes from everyone's efforts, and the results belong to everyone's efforts. Thanks to every bynav's "startup partner"!


2016 is destined to be the first year of bynav to open up the territory. In this year, we will stand on a new starting point, work together, continue to adhere to the customer-centered, national military standard as the program, will rely on our cost-effective, Excellent products with high reliability quickly enter the domestic civilian market and foreign markets, enabling more customers to understand Beiyun Technology and use bynav products, continuously improve customer service and create value for customers.


“Let Beidou surpass GPS” is the vision that bynav remains the same. In the new year, new hopes, new successes, all bynav entrepreneurial partners will take a fast and solid step for the civilization, marketization and internationalization of China Beidou. With the support of customers and government leaders, our Hunan bynav Co., Ltd. will be able to achieve new leap and create new glory.


Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year, the Year of the Monkey!


(Our company will start normal work on the Spring Festival holiday on February 15, 2016)

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