Welcome to the new spring, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the old age is brilliant! Bynav gives you a New Year!

by bynav

Year of the Dog Want Want Spring Festival



When we say goodbye to 2017 with joy, we are most rewarded with “growth” and “success”!

When we cross the door of time with enthusiasm, we are welcoming the embrace of spring!

To welcome a new year, we are heading for a new glory and creation!

At the moment when the old and the new country celebrated, the staff of Hunan Beiyun Technology Co., Ltd. extended sincere greetings and blessings to our customers, friends, leaders and people from all walks of life!

I wish you a smooth sailing year, two dragons take off, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons safe, five blessings, six six Dashun, seven stars high, eight parties to the wealth, ninety-nine concentric, perfect, all things, everything is auspicious, good luck!

For your New Year!




2017 is a very extraordinary year, the beginning of a leap-forward development! We have followed another season of wind and rain, another season of spring and autumn.

Although the road is not flat, all the partners of Beiyun Technology have made vigorous development and beautiful prospects with firm will and hard struggle.

In the past year, we have encountered more challenges than we expected, but we still use unyielding confidence and unremitting efforts to overcome difficulties and achieve more than expected achievements!

Series positioning and orientation board - the product is continuously iteratively upgraded, and the high-precision positioning under the harsh environment such as blocking multipath is overcome, and the imported high-precision board is replaced by the imported high-precision board.

The "high-precision positioning of mobile phones" project - the results are remarkable, and the accuracy of the mobile phone positioning will be greatly improved in the future, and the taxi will never find the land again!

The full-frequency RTK signal source is the first source - one source is in hand, not leaving home, measuring thousands of miles!

In the application of driving test, drone, agricultural machinery, deformation monitoring and digital construction, the company has sprung up and won good reputation and wide praise with better products and services!


The achievement of these achievements proves that we are a team that dares to fight, not afraid of difficulties, and creativity.


We play Call for ourselves!


In 2018, we will, as always, not forget our original intentions, move forward, work together, and unite. In order to achieve the vision of "letting Beidou surpass GPS", we will make unremitting efforts!


Bynav Marketing Department gives you

Happy New Year




leave plan


According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2018", the 2018 Spring Festival holiday arrangement of our company is as follows: February 12, 2018 to February 21, 2018, the normal work begins on the seventh day of the first month.





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