Rumor! The United States has not closed the Syrian GPS service!

by bynav

Extra! Extra! -- "Because of the war, the United States suddenly shut down GPS services in Syria. The reason is that the multi-channel armed forces in Syria, including Russian cruise missiles, use civilian GPS signals."


Recently, this news was rumored in the Beidou circle.


It sounds very much like that, and it also highlights the wise decision of China to independently develop the Beidou system.


As the iron powder of Beidou industry and the technology of "fine eagle" by Bynav, Xiaobian, I was very excited when I heard this news. I think this is a big positive news for the Beidou industry. I am going to analyze this from a technical point of view. event.


In order to further understand the situation, Xiaobian went to visit the GPS official website, Google News······


The result surprised me! A little bit of GPS was closed and the message was not found! It feels wrong!


Xiaobian, with the spirit of technical straight men, is bound to break the pot to ask the bottom, then went to the IGS website (International GPS Service), InsideGNSS, GPS World, and the Twitter accounts of the major GPS websites to query related information, or not!


As the investigation deepened, I realized that we are both deceived by rumors!


GPS did not shut down its services at all in Syria. This fake news is purely self-deprecating.


Xiaobian turned to bynav's teacher (mainly attacking the baseband signal processing algorithm) and Dr. Zheng (the main attack high-precision RTK positioning algorithm), and analyzed the IGS site observation data in Syria, and found the GPS signal and BDS (Beidou) signal. It is interrupted at the same time.


According to the internal news of the Beidou Engineering Center of the National Defense Science and Technology University (Beidou No. 3 Construction Core Team), the BDS did not shut down the satellite. Therefore, it can be concluded that the interruption of the Syrian satellite navigation signal is not the US closed GPS, but artificial interference.


Because the GPS and BDS signal frequencies are relatively close, when the GPS L1 frequency is disturbed, the B1 frequency of the BDS will also be affected.



Then Xiaobian carefully searched the international news, and found "They're reportedly jamming the drones' GPS signals", "Russia has figured out how to jam US drones in Syria, the things said" and other news (source US NBC News) Only suddenly realized that it turned out to be in order to counter the US military drones, Russia has interfered with GPS signals.



Why are rumors so easy to spread? Xiaobian is very sad.


The Beidou industry needs to develop vigorously, but there is no need to use fake news to create hot spots.


Apply the words of Zuo Zongtang:


I hope that we can sink our hearts and do things in a down-to-earth manner to make the Beidou cause more and more prosperous!

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