04B dual-mode tri-band high-precision positioning orientation board released

by bynav


04B dual mode tri-band high precision positioning orientation board


The board supports three frequency points of BD2-B3, BD2-B1 and GPS-L1 at the same time, which realizes the function of single and dual frequency positioning of BD2 system and dual frequency orientation of BD2. The board uses high-precision, high-dynamic capture and tracking technology and a fast adaptive carrier ambiguity algorithm to achieve stable tracking and precise direction measurement in complex environments.


1. Support single and dual frequency positioning and GPS positioning of BD2 system;

2. Support BD2 system B1, B3 dual frequency point orientation;

3. Support high precision and high dynamic capture tracking;

4. Support fast carrier ambiguity resolution in complex situations;

5. It has a true north position system and a coordinate north position system conversion function;

6. It has the function of height angle suppression and rejection of satellites;

7, with independent integrity monitoring function;

8, with satellite general orientation, DOP value, satellite signal power detection and display function;

9, with power management features, including overvoltage, undervoltage and reverse protection.

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