[Recruitment] 2019 bynav Technology waiting for you to "return to Hunan"

by bynav

How do you spend this life?

What do you want to do with this 

wild and precious life?


When I was young, I had many dreams.

Scientists, stars, world champions·····

I always want to go outside and see if I am in the big rivers and lakes.


Upon graduation, an offer from another country

Heart is like a dream, just in front

Without hesitation, carrying a bag


Imagine being on the window sill of a skyscraper

Have an office of their own

Looking at the city's feast

Pen and ink dominate the ups and downs of their careers

Driving in the evening, facing the sunset

Warm home, someone waiting to go home to eat


The reality is that the crowded subway has no room for turning around.

One desk, almost all of life

Back to the small rental house

Only the takeaway box left yesterday

At 1 am, walking on the road, looking at countless lights

Which one will belong to me?

Mom and Dad looking at the back of the distance

Bye-bye, how many blues did they turn into white hair?





Still insisting



Changsha, the new first-tier city

Changsha, the first city of Beidou

Go back to Hunan

A team of faith, waiting for you to fight side by side

A mission-oriented business that allows you to show your talents

it's here

Give the family more affectionate companionship

Feel the warmth of homeland

Plunge into a more exciting career


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