Qin Yizhi, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, visited the bynav

by bynav

On August 2nd, Qin Yizhi, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, came to Hunan to investigate and work, and held related forums...


▲The first book of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Qin Yizhi


As one of the representative enterprises of outstanding young entrepreneurs in Hunan Province, Beiyun Technology received a visit and research by Qin Shuzhi and his entourage. The company's CEO Xiang Zhi told Qin Shuji about the development process, innovation achievements and future development plan of bynav in the process of entrepreneurship.


▲bynav general manager Xiang Zhi introduced the company to Qin Shuji


Reporting to naq development by Qin Shuji

Bynav is currently working to solve the problem of providing credible high-precision positioning in urban canyons.


At present, whether it is domestic or foreign, how to provide reliable high-precision positioning in high-rise cities has always been a problem that plagues everyone in the industry.

In areas such as Drip, taxi, shared bicycle, take-away, map navigation, etc., which are closely related to the general public, (in the city), the positioning is not accurate, the positioning error is large, and it often causes trouble and inconvenience to the people's life, and becomes an urgent problem to be solved. Pain points.

Mobike and Tencent Map are currently working with Beiyun on projects to find a solution to this pain point. The current progress of the project is remarkable and it is believed that it will be applied and practical in the near future.


Made in China new business card

High-precision positioning in urban canyons, unlimited application space, based on high-precision position information, daily life, public safety, automatic driving, map navigation, wearable, smart city and other aspects can usher in new breakthroughs.


Taking high-precision positioning of urban canyons as a breakthrough, Bynav will be in the era of high-precision positioning, with the vision and confidence of “letting Beidou surpass GPS”, and strive to add a new business card for China-made “Beidou Satellite Navigation”. A dazzling sum.


▲ After the explanation, I will have a cordial communication with Qin Shuji.


Reporting to naq development by Qin Shuji

After listening to the report, Qin Shuji praised Bynav's vision of "letting Beidou surpass GPS". I hope that Beiyun will achieve this goal as soon as possible and make greater contributions to China's Beidou cause.

Finally, Qin Shuji, who is concerned about the cause of youth, has a cordial conversation with the younger members of the younger generation of bynav and took a group photo.


▲bynav's friends and the Qin Shuji take a photo

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