[Hunan Daily] Xiang Chuangke wants to "let Beidou surpass GPS"

by Hunan Daily reporter Cao Yu


Hunan Daily, May 3 (Reporter Cao Yu) "As long as the newborn wears such a bracelet, the hospital can monitor and view the child's location information at any time through the management platform and parents through the mobile phone software."


On May 3, the reporter learned from bynav that the company successfully developed an indoor positioning system based on Beidou satellite navigation this year, with an accuracy of 0.2 meters. It is currently negotiating cooperation with large hospitals in Changsha.


Coming to the 3rd floor of the Changsha Zhongdian Software Park Headquarters Building, you can see at the door of bynav that “Let Beidou surpass GPS”. Bynav currently develops three major categories of products, one is military products, and the other two are civilian products, which are high-precision directional instruments and indoor positioning systems. According to reports, the core components in the high-precision directional receiver are only one business card size, and the orientation in the outdoor orientation can be accurate to less than 1 meter (Yami class). "The most important thing is that the price is much lower than the similar products of GPS." Chen Sheng, deputy general manager of bynav, said that due to technical barriers, GPS high-precision (Yami-cm-level) positioning equipment is expensive, and foreign equipment is sold. The price is around 100,000 yuan, and the price of the bynav high-precision receiver is only 1/10. He said that there are certain security risks in using foreign equipment in certain key industries, and the bynav high-precision receiver has completely independent intellectual property rights.


In indoor positioning applications, bynav also developed the first mobile navigation and parking system in China. After the owner collects the parking card with the positioning chip, he can see at the mobile phone where there is space in the parking lot, and then go directly according to the navigation prompts; after shopping, you can easily find your own car by turning on the mobile phone. Say goodbye to the double troubles of finding a parking space and finding a car in a large parking lot.


According to reports, with the Beidou navigation civilian product market gradually opened, the company's sales this year is expected to reach 20 million yuan.

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