Modernized GNSS acquisition and playback equipment to help develop the "Beidou dual-mode new signal system"

by bynav


With the expansion of Beidou from the regional system to the global system, the Beidou satellite equipped with the new signal system has been launched. Various research institutions in China have gradually begun research on a new generation of Beidou signal system. The above picture shows the spectrum distribution of modern GNSS systems in various countries. It can be seen that modern GNSS signals, especially the new signal system of Beidou, have extremely wide bandwidth, and the general signal acquisition and playback equipment is difficult to meet the test requirements.



In order to solve this problem, Hunan bynav R & D team from National University of Defense Technology, using nearly 20 years of Beidou related research and development experience, based on multi-channel combined band-pass sampling technology, error-free cache and data transmission technology and Beidou optimal quantitative acquisition technology Etc., designed a new modern GNSS test system, fully supporting the acquisition, storage, playback, forwarding and simulation of full-frequency and full-band of modern GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou generation, second generation and Beidou new signal system.



In addition to acquiring and playing back the new signal system of Beidou RNSS, this test system can simulate the outbound signal of Beidou RDSS (formerly Beidou generation short message communication) and simulate the RDSS master station receiving the RDSS inbound signal transmitted by the user machine. , performing signal despreading and information demodulation, and calculating parameters such as power, frequency offset, and modulation quality of the transmitted signal. Capable of accurate functional testing, performance evaluation, user training, troubleshooting and maintenance instructions for the Beidou dual-mode user machine, which reduces or completely saves the high cost of field or darkroom testing and is accurate, repeatable and controllable Testing, training and diagnostic tools.



The price of this test system is close to the people, using many patented technologies such as bynav real-time parallel software signal processing, using the universal all-digital platform to complete signal simulation, demodulation and despreading and parameter estimation, compared with traditional signal source/emulator It reduces the complexity and cost of the hardware, improves the reliability and accuracy of the equipment, and can quickly help the development and development of the Beidou new signal system receiver. It can be widely used in the Beidou receiver production line test, field portable test, high performance experiment. Room testing, online vehicle testing and other aspects.

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