Bynav gives you a New Year! Everything in the Year of the Pig!

by Sherry Chen

On the evening of January 4th, "Urban One Time" broadcasted an interview with bynav. This news mainly interviewed the company's chief engineer Zheng Bin, and learned about our high-precision positioning board and receiver, showing the beauty of technology.


At the press conference held on the afternoon of December 27, 2018, the director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and the Beidou satellite navigation system spokesperson Qi Chengqi announced that the basic system of the Beidou No. 3 was completed and began to provide global services today. It marks that the service scope of the Beidou system has expanded from the region to the whole world, and the Beidou system has officially entered the global era.


Bynav, as one of the few companies in China with high-precision positioning chip core technology, our self-developed high-precision positioning series products have been fully applied in driving test, intelligent transportation and other fields. The Beidou system serves the world not only as the development of Beidou has ushered in a new era, but also a new period of development of our Beiyun technology.


The news report is mainly divided into two parts.

First, the dynamic test of the board


Mainly by our engineer Yang Fazhi led a radio reporter, driving on the road, to complete the test.

The high-precision positioning chip and receiver developed by Beiyun can achieve centimeter-level or even millimeter-level positioning accuracy. In this test, the high-precision positioning chip can not only indicate the trajectory, but also distinguish the driving lanes, such as the left lane and the right lane. .


Second, interview with the chief engineer Zheng Bin


The chief engineer of bynav explained the working principle and development of high-precision positioning chip for us.

Beidou navigation is widely used, and the global network is confident to surpass GPS. Although GPS is an old-fashioned positioning system with rich experience, our technology is also constantly developing. Like in Changsha, Beidou can receive 14 stars, while GPS can only receive 9 stars. Beidou can provide more accurate. Positioning.

Second, interview with the chief engineer Zheng Bin

With the joint efforts of bynav and its domestic counterparts, we are confident that we will surpass GPS and bring more reliable high-precision positioning products, so that high-precision applications will soon reach the public and serve the world.


Bynav - Urban One Time Technology Beauty Report

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