The 8th China Satelite Navigation Conference

The 8th China Satellite Navigation Academic Annual Meeting

Beiyun Technology will bring the latest research and development results to Shanghai

Time: May 23 to 25, 2017

Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

Beiyun Technology: T16 booth


North Cloud positioning "high precision in urban canyons"

With the theme of “High Accuracy of Urban Canyon”, Beiyun Technology will carry a miniaturized high-precision positioning and orientation board – “Changing in the City Canyon”, the whole system full-frequency recording and recording source – “Gathering the whole world” Series of products such as "scene". Welcome partners, new and old customers and leaders to visit and guide!


Beiyun Technology Exhibition Hall renderings

route map



The theme of this year's conference: positioning, the Internet of Everything



With the improvement of Beidou system construction and the diversification of Beidou application, Beidou system has provided strong technical support for the development of all things, and has continuously made new progress in application and accelerated the development of new fields of application.


The Beidou system is integrated with emerging technologies, and the time and space information service pattern is changing with each passing day. Beidou+Car Network, Beidou+Internet, Beidou+Internet of Things. In the emerging technology environment, Beiyun Technology's high-precision positioning and orientation products make positioning all things no longer a kind of prediction, no longer a possibility, has become a reality.


Beiyun Technology focuses on high-precision positioning technology, and looks forward to the future development of the Beidou industry. The smart city, precision agriculture, driverless, and digital earth rooted in time and space information will bring infinite possibilities and infinite possibilities to human beings.


Beidou navigation all things connected, global human Unicom sharing!




Main agenda of the conference


Let us meet on May 23

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center!

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